Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

A Little Help From My Friends 154 8.0%
This beer was brewed with Dan Lauro of Carillon Brewing and Dave Curran of SODZ homebrew club in Columbus in honor of Chad's 5 years as Head Brewer and all the people that have collaborated with him along the way. The beer, a Burton Ale traces it's roots back to the 1800's and was chosen for Chad's love of English beer styles and love of beer history It's made from 100% British Maris Otter malt and was boiled for 3 hours with additions of East Kent Golding hops. It was aged for 4 months to replicate the processes of its historic ancestors. You can expect a grainy sweetness upfront followed by intense bitterness and a floral finish.
Alaskan Sunrise 70 6.5%
This West Coast IPA features a biscuity malt base with Sultana and Lotus hops. Aromas and flavors of pineapple, pine, citrus, cherry and a touch of vanilla will dazzle the senses
Amber Fields of Barley 33 5.4%
A crisp medium dry amber with just a touch of caramel sweetness offset by grapefruit forward cascade hops
Batch 500 39 15.1%
This is the biggest beer we've ever brewed, clocking in at over 15% ABV. This Imperial stout has a big malt backbone, and tons of flavor. Notes of caramel, sweet pastries, and chocolate are the star here, It's big, boozy, and thick!! It's a sipping beer and will definitely pack a punch.
Blue Talon 0 4.5%
A low calorie low carb. hard seltzer with over 3.5 million possible flavor combinations to mix and match.
Building 26 Ale 30 7.2%
This Biere de Garde, French for “Beer that has been aged” is quickly becoming a favorite. It combines European malts and German Noble hops in a dry, malt forward ale. Noble hops provide a floral, spicy character that compliments the German and Belgian malts in a beer that finishes clean and dry.
'Burg Pride 54 6.3%
West Coast IPA. Dry body with citrus and a subtle piney flavor. Features Amarillo, Centennial, and Cascade hops.
CRBF Stout 23 6.7%
Chocolate Raspberry Burning Fire. An oatmeal stout conceived, designed, and made by the women of Star City Brewing in honor of International Women's day. This tasty beverage contains fruity notes of raspberry, a hint of chocolate, finishing with a spicy kick of cayenne pepper.
Gebhart Tavern Ale 25 5.6%
This beer was brewed in collaboration with Carillon Brewery. Technically a Neo-London Porter, this beer is something that would have been common in the 1820’s – 1850’s. We brewed this beer once at Carillon using their 1850’s replica brewhouse and in house made caramel and black malts. It was then brewed on our modern system using modern modified malts and technology only dreamed of back in the 1800’s. It’s malt forward but balanced with floral English hops.
Great Miami Gose 9 4.6%
This almost forgotten beer style comes to us from Leipzig, Germany where the water has a high salt content. It’s a slightly tart wheat beer with coriander and salt added. Very light in body and extremely quaffable.
Hard Cider - Apple Pie 0 6.5%
A customer favorite infusion now on tap!! This cider is a much sweeter version of our base cider, plus we've added the traditional pie spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.
Highland's Finest Ale 51 9.3%
This English Barleywine comes to us from local homebrewer Mike McCaffrey. Originally named “Coffin Dodger”, it won its category in Best English and American Strong Ale at DRAFT’s annual homebrew competition. Combining a malty sweet base with a huge dose of English Hops, this beer is sure to please both the hoppy and malty beer fans. (12 oz pour)
Hole's Station Golden Ale 38 5.4%
A soft bready, yet slightly sweet malt profile using Vienna and pale malt. Showcasing East Kent Golden hops, floral and slightly fruity, with good but not overpowering bitterness. Named after the original Miamisburg settlement "Hole's Station" founded by Zachariah Hole. Who's family was from Virginia, and ancestors came from England.
I'm Feeling Peachy 0 6.5%
Our 5th annual International Women's Day Offering. This Peach Habanero Cider is dry and tart with a heavy dose of fresh habanero
Mound's RTG Stout 43 8.2%
Brewed in honor of the spacecraft Cassini, which was control crashed into the atmosphere of Saturn in 2017. It’s RTGs or Radio-isotope Thermoelectric Generators were designed and built right here in Miamisburg at Mound Nuclear Research Lab. This Double Chocolate Imperial Milk Stout is unlike anything we’ve brewed before. 4 pounds of cacao nibs and over 7 pounds of coconut are packed into this beer. (12 oz pour)
Old Mill Stout 28 5.1%
Our award winning oatmeal stout is one of our very first beers tapped, and has put Star City on the map. Combining a huge amount of flaked oats with roasted barley, chocolate malt, and black patent malt and a touch of caramel malts, this silky stout leaves you craving sip after sip.
The Surly Gentleman 26 8.6%
This sour porter was brewed with our friends Andrew and Chelsea. It was aged for a year in freshly emptied New Riff Bourbon barrels where tart cherries and orange peel were added. It's a complex blend of roast, malt, fruit, Bourbon and tartness for a unique drinking experience. Who is "The Surly Gentleman?" Well that is the nickname of Andrew and Chelsea's beloved puppers... Watson.
Twisted Mill Stout 26 5.1%
What happens when you combine our Old Mill Stout with Miamisburg’s own Twisted River Coffee? You get this coffee forward stout that will leave you coming back for pint after pint. Dan Clayton, owner of Twisted River, custom roasts and blends a light roast caramel coffee for us. 2 gallons of cold press coffee is directly added to each batch. Coffee lovers and stout lovers alike will enjoy this beer. Huge coffee flavor, with a hint of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and a gentle roasty backbone.