Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

Alaskan Sunrise 70 6.5%
This West Coast IPA features a biscuity malt base with Sultana and Lotus hops. Aromas and flavors of pineapple, pine, citrus, cherry and a touch of vanilla will dazzle the senses Malts: American Pale, Biscuit, Caramel 20 Hops: Lotus, Sultana
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 16 5.4%
Our 4th Homebrew Class decided to make a twist on a classic beer cocktail. The beer base is a Munich Helles, a German malt forward pale beer, with a subtle herbal spiciness. We then add bloody Mary mix to give you a delightfully refreshing and mildly spicy drink good for any time of day
Beary Cherry Donut Ale 14 5.3%
Malt forward bready beer with hints of pound cake and a kiss of cherry. Our collaboration with Bear Creek Donuts. (contains lactose) Malts: Pale, Victory, Munich, Stale Donuts, Lactose Hops: Willamette
Blue Talon 0 4.5%
A low calorie low carb. hard seltzer with over 3.5 million possible flavor combinations to mix and match.
Building 26 Ale 30 7.2%
This Biere de Garde, French for “Beer that has been aged” is quickly becoming a favorite. It combines European malts and German Noble hops in a dry, malt forward ale. Noble hops provide a floral, spicy character that compliments the German and Belgian malts in a beer that finishes clean and dry. Malts: Pilsner, Amber, Aromatic, Caravienna, Munich Hops: Northern Brewer, Hersbrucker
Caliente Cacao 34 7.0%
Our 6th annual International Women's Day offering. Designed and brewed by the women of Star City Brewing, this Mexican Chocolate stout has it all. This full bodied stout has a touch of oatmeal and lactose, but loaded with flavor. Using cacao nibs, ancho, and guajillo chilies as well as aromatic ,sweet, and spicy Saigon cinnamon, this beer will tantalize the taste buds.
Fahey's Irish Stout 30 4.7%
Insanely dry stout with notes of coffee & Dutch cocoa.
Hole's Station Golden Ale 38 5.4%
A soft bready, yet slightly sweet malt profile using Vienna and pale malt. Showcasing East Kent Golden hops, floral and slightly fruity, with good but not overpowering bitterness. Named after the original Miamisburg settlement "Hole's Station" founded by Zachariah Hole. Who's family was from Virginia, and ancestors came from England. Malts: Maris Otter, Vienna, Flaked Maize Hops: East Kent Golding
Legend Red 23 5.5%
Named for one of our first members, John “The Legend” Lowe, our red ale is a blend of caramel malts and biscuit malt to provide a complex malty and bready character, while being balanced with floral English hops. Malts: Maris Otter, Caramel 60,Caramel 120, Biscuit, Roasted Barley Hops: East Kent Golding
Maple Porter 36 6.6%
Robust Porter with notes of coffee and chocolate. After initial fermentation, One half gallon of maple syrup, made by members Patty and Aaron, was added to the beer, imparting a rich sweetness that compliments but not overpowers the base beer.
Milli Vanilli 29 5.8%
Making its return for the first time in 4 years, and it now has a name!!! This Robust Porter is loaded with vanilla. A rich malty base loaded with roasty flavors is complimented by a huge dose of vanilla.
Old Mill Stout 28 5.1%
Our award winning oatmeal stout is one of our very first beers tapped, and has put Star City on the map. Combining a huge amount of flaked oats with roasted barley, chocolate malt, and black patent malt and a touch of caramel malts, this silky stout leaves you craving sip after sip. Malts: American Pale, Flaked Oats, Caramel 80, Caramel 120, Black, Chocolate, Roasted Barley Hops: East Kent Golding
Twisted Mill Stout 26 5.1%
What happens when you combine our Old Mill Stout with Miamisburg’s own Twisted River Coffee? You get this coffee forward stout that will leave you coming back for pint after pint. Dan Clayton, owner of Twisted River, custom roasts and blends a light roast caramel coffee for us. 2 gallons of cold press coffee is directly added to each batch. Coffee lovers and stout lovers alike will enjoy this beer. Huge coffee flavor, with a hint of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and a gentle roasty backbone.