Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

  IBU ABV Pint Growler
# (Hash) Brown 25 6.7% $5.00 $14.00
Brewed in honor of Dayton’s Hash House Harriers, a self-proclaimed “Drinking Club with a Running Problem”. This beer combines caramel and roasted malts with English hops for a light bodied ale. Look for a sweet, toasty character, notes of toffee, and just a hint of roast.
319 Wee Heavy 23 9.0% $6.00 N/A
This full bodied beer is very malt forward, with an almost caramel like sweetness. No bitterness at all. Coming in at over 7.5% ABV, the alcohol is well hidden. It's like your favorite dessert with a kick.
Adena Pale Ale 32 5.5% $5.50 $15.00
Our APA (American Pale Ale) is loaded with dank Citra and Simcoe hops. It’s hop forward with little malt character. Simcoe is widely known for its pine aromas but also has notes of passion fruit and an earthy character. Citra is more citrusy in nature, with hints of grapefruit, lime, lemon, and gooseberries.
Building 26 Ale 30 7.0% $5.50 $15.00
Biere de Garde, literally meaning "Beer that has been aged". Our interpretation is a malt forward ale, amber in color and full of flavor, but very dry in finish. We've loaded it with German Noble Hops known for their herbal and spicy notes, but no intense bitterness. The malt is the star of the show with this beer. This was inspired by a homebrewing project done by Head Brewer Chad Klehamer, Jim Scofield, and members of the DRAFT Homebrew club. The first version of this beer was blended in a barrel that once housed gin. To reflect those flavors of the original batch, we've added some juniper berries and ginger.
Dry Cider 0 6.5% $6.00 N/A
Made from 100% apple juice, our dry cider captures the essence of the apple without any added sweetness. Gluten Free. (12 oz pour)
Dry Lock IPA 53 7.0% $5.50 $15.00
Our East Coast IPA. This beer has a gentle, malty sweetness and loaded with Cascade and Centennial hops providing a punch of citrus. Look for flavors of grapefruit, lime, fresh citrus zest, and some delicate floral notes.
Hip-Hop-O-Potamus 53 5.2% $5.50 N/A
A session IPA with a lower alcohol content when compared to a typical IPA. Big flavor, easy drinking, and light finish, this brew is perfect for summer. A collaborative brew between Star City and brewer John Lemmon.
Ice 'Burg Xmas Ale 25 6.2% $5.50 $15.00
Our holiday beer made with ginger and cinnamon. With its spiced flavor and red color, it is definitely what you look for in a holiday ale.
Legend Red 23 5.5% $5.00 $14.00
Named for one of our first members, our red ale is a blend of caramel malts and biscuit malt to provide a complex malty and bready character, while being balanced with floral English hops.
Old Mill Stout 28 6.3% $5.50 $15.00
This full bodied stout has a nice smoothness from the addition of oats to the mash. Nice levels of roasted flavor with some chocolate and caramel notes. One of our most popular beers.
Sweet Cider 0 6.5% $6.00 N/A
Made from 100% apple juice, sweetened with more apple juice after fermentation, our sweet cider is pleasantly sweet while not being cloying. Gluten Free. (12 oz pour)
The Gebhart Tavern Ale 25 6.0% $5.00 $14.00
This is a collaboration between Star City Brewing and Carillon Brewing. The building that Star City resides in is dated to 1828. Carillon Brewing is the world's first functioning brewery housed inside a museum. Their setup is a replica of what would have been used in the Dayton area in the mid 1800's. This beer, technically a neo-London porter, is typical of a beer that would have been brewed at the time this building was built. Two versions are being brewed, one at each brewery. Star City's interpretation of the beer is the modern version. Using all modern methods, this malt forward beer is brewed using only 3 malts, all mass produced, and brewed in our stainless steel brew house. It's loaded with caramel and bready malt flavors and just a touch of English hops that lend floral and spicy notes.
Vanilla Porter 32 6.0% $6.00 $16.00
A medium bodied robust porter with a well balanced, subtly sweet vanilla finish. Brewed with real vanilla beans.
Viking Cream Ale 16 5.0% $5.00 $14.00
Our traditional cream ale is made from barley, corn, and hops. It’s got a light body with a subtle sweetness. Bitterness level is very low, making this a great option for beginners to craft beer as well as seasoned veterans that are looking for something lighter. Think back to your college days of Mickey’s and Little Kings, but with more class.
Weizen Star 10 5.1% $5.00 $14.00
Star City’s take on a German style Hefeweizen. Meaning “Yeast Wheat”, this is a cloudy, medium bodied wheat beer with notes of clove and banana from the yeast, and very mimimal hop bitterness. If you enjoy Blue Moon or ShockTop, this is for you. Turn it into a shandy by having your server add in some Lemonade or a Radler by adding Sprite for a delightful twist.