Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

  IBU ABV Pint Growler
Adena Pale Ale 32 4.7% $5.50 $15.00
Our APA (American Pale Ale) is loaded with dank Citra and Simcoe hops. It’s hop forward with little malt character. Simcoe is widely known for its pine aromas, but also has notes of passion fruit, and an earthy character. Citra is more citrusy in nature, with hints of grapefruit, lime, lemon, and gooseberries.
Barrel Aged Highland's Finest 51 11.2% $7.00 $38.00
Our English barleywine that's been aged in second use Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for 18 months. This added an enhanced sherry like fruitiness to the already complex malt bill and aggressive hoppyness. (12 oz pour)
Berliner Weiss 13 4.7% $5.50 $15.00
A wonderful, refreshingly tart creation from brewer Chad Klehamer. This wheat ale is a wonderful harmony of yeast and lactic acid, giving you that sour kick which is perfect for these hot summer days.
Blonde Ale 19 5.0% $5.00 $14.00
Calling all light beer fans!! Not into the craft beer thing, but your friends brought you to a craft brewery? That's OK, we've got you covered. Our Blonde Ale is the beer you're looking for. Light, crisp,and free of all those hipster beer flavors, this is a craft beer you can enjoy. For you beer geeks, American 2-row malt and a touch of Munich for some bready flavors are balanced by a small dose of noble hops make this beer a great session beer or palate cleanser between some of our more flavorful options on the menu.
Blue Talon 0 4.5% $5.00 $20.00
A low calorie low carb. hard seltzer with over 250,000 possible flavor combinations to mix and match.
Building 26 Ale 30 7.0% $5.50 $15.00
This Biere de Garde, French for “Beer that has been aged” is quickly becoming a favorite. It combines European malts and German Noble hops in a dry, malt forward ale. Noble hops provide a floral, spicy character that compliments the German and Belgian malts in a beer that finishes clean and dry.
'Burg Pride 54 6.0% $5.50 $15.00
West Coast IPA. Dry body with citrus and a subtle piney flavor. Features Amarillo, Centennial, and Cascade hops.
Fahey's Irish Stout 30 4.5% $5.50 $15.00
Insanely dry stout with notes of coffee & Dutch cocoa.
Hard Cider - Dry 0 6.5% $6.00 $22.00
Made from 100% apple juice, our dry cider captures the essence of the apple without any added sweetness. Gluten Free. (12 oz pour)
Hard Cider - Sweet 0 6.5% $6.00 $22.00
Made from 100% apple juice, sweetened with more apple juice after fermentation, our sweet cider is pleasantly sweet while not being cloying. Gluten Free. (12 oz pour)
Legend Red 23 5.5% $5.00 $14.00
Named for one of our first members, John “The Legend” Lowe, our red ale is a blend of caramel malts and biscuit malt to provide a complex malty and bready character, while being balanced with floral English hops.
Mango Habanero IPA 55 7.1% $6.50 $18.00
Crisp, clean malt gives way to fruity spicy heat from complex habanero balanced by citrusy hops and loads of fragrant fresh mango. We used 1 pound of dried habanero from our friends from Big Axe Spices, plus another 1.5 pounds of fresh. Features Amarillo, Cascade, Citra, and Mosaic hops.
Pre-Prohibition Lager 30 4.2% $5.00 N/A
A clean but bitter lager with a subtle corn flavor. Using American 6 row barley and cluster hops, this is the epitome of a truly American beer. (12 oz pour)
Second Class BREXIT 57 7.4% $5.50 $15.00
Rich malty up front with notes of toffee and brown bread. Substantial hop bitterness with floral and fruity notes.
The Gebhart Tavern Ale 25 6.0% $5.00 $14.00
This beer was brewed in collaboration with Carillon Brewery. Technically a Neo-London Porter, this beer is something that would have been common in the 1820’s – 1850’s. We brewed this beer once at Carillon using their 1850’s replica brewhouse and in house made caramel and black malts. It was then brewed on our modern system using modern modified malts and technology only dreamed of back in the 1800’s. It’s malt forward but balanced with floral English hops.
Twisted Mill Stout 26 6.0% $5.50 $15.00
What happens when you combine our Old Mill Stout with Miamisburg’s own Twisted River Coffee? You get this coffee forward stout that will leave you coming back for pint after pint. Dan Clayton, owner of Twisted River, custom roasts and blends a light roast caramel coffee for us. 2 gallons of cold press coffee is directly added to each batch. Coffee lovers and stout lovers alike will enjoy this beer. Huge coffee flavor, with a hint of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and a gentle roasty backbone.
Weizen Star 10 5.1% $5.00 $14.00
Star City’s take on a German style Hefeweizen. Meaning “Yeast Wheat”, this is a cloudy, medium bodied wheat beer with notes of clove and banana from the yeast, and very minimal hop bitterness. If you enjoy Blue Moon or ShockTop, this is for you. Turn it into a shandy by having your server add in some Lemonade or a Radler by adding Sprite for a delightful twist.
Wheatwine 36 7.9% $6.50 N/A
Chad's take on the style is a malt forward medium bodied beer with notes of whole wheat bread, caramel and dark fruit. It's balanced by cascade hops that provide a grapefruit like citrusy bitterness. (12 oz. pour)