Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

  Style IBU ABV
Black Star First Class Black IPA 70 5.6%
Blue Talon Hard Seltzer 0 4.5%
Building 26 Ale Biere De Garde 30 7.0%
'Burg Pride India Pale Ale 54 6.0%
Fahey's Irish Stout Irish Stout 30 4.5%
From the Heart IPA/ APA 51 6.3%
Great Miami Gose Gose 9 4.6%
Hard Cider - Dry Cider 0 6.5%
Highland's Finest Ale - 2019 Vintage (12oz) Barley Wine 51 9.3%
Honey, I'm Feeling Spicy Brown Ale 23 7.5%
Legend Red Irish Red Ale 23 5.5%
New Awakening American Pale Ale with Grapefruit 38 5.3%
Old Mill Stout Oatmeal Stout 28 6.3%
The Gebhart Tavern Ale Neo London Porter 25 6.0%
Twisted Mill Stout Coffee Stout 26 6.0%
Weizen Star Weissbier 9 4.3%



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COVID-19 Taproom Update...

May 21 Update:
Dear Valued Patrons,

Thursday May 21st marked the next phase in Star City Brewing’s journey to reopen by permitting guests to enjoy their beverages inside the building once again. With this new ability comes some new temporary policies for the benefit of the patrons and the business. 

  • Social Distancing - We have rearranged our tables and chairs to abide by social distancing guidelines. Do not move them. Customers are also required to respect the social distancing of other guests. If you are not part of their group, keep your distance. We want everyone to feel safe. If you cannot respect this you will be asked to leave.
  • Avoid Standing - Our table placement is how we are tracking six feet of separation. By standing you would be less than the minimum requirement from another guest. Please try to remain seated while in the brewery. Standing on our floor X's while waiting to order a drink from the bar is permitted.
  • Max Party Size of 10 - Parties are required to be no more than ten persons. If your group is larger, you will be required to sit at separate tables. Do not move tables. 
  • Feeling Sick? Stay Home - Out of respect for our guests and our business, if you're feeling ill please stay home. Star City Brewing will be here when you are well enough to come back.
  • Enjoy Responsibly - As always, we want everyone to enjoy our beverages and relax, but remember to keep the above bullet points in mind. We don't want to have to ask you to leave.
We all have been given a small privilege to start being social in person again, but we have also been given a responsibility. Please remember and respect this. 

As stated before, if for any reason you would prefer to not visit us at this time we completely understand, we want you to feel comfortable and safe when you are at Star City Brewing.

Thank you for understanding, and for being a loyal customer,
Justin Kohnen
Star City Brewing

'Owler Buy Back Program:
If you bring us a clean Star City Brewing growler or howler in good condition we will give you brewery credit.

Accepting Growlers: Yes
Accepting Howlers: Yes

  • Growler with cap $3.50 brewery credit
  • Growler without cap $3.00 brewery credit
  • Howler with cap $2.00 brewery credit
  • Howler without cap $1.50 brewery credit

Fill / Exchange Policy:

  • We are allowing for growler/howler fills, however there is a 10 minute sanitation wait time
  • To save on wait time, we will allow for a growler/howler exchange
    • Growlers/Howlers from Star City Brewing must clean, black caps, glass and labels in good condition
    • Growlers from other breweries must be amber, clean, glass and caps in good condition