Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

  Style IBU ABV
# (Hash) Brown English Brown 25 6.7%
Adena Pale Ale American Pale Ale 32 5.5%
Dry Lock IPA India Pale Ale 53 7.0%
Great Miami Gose Gose 9 4.6%
Legend Red Irish Red Ale 23 5.5%
Locked & Loaded Imperial IPA 100+ 9.6%
Milk Stout Milk Stout 23 5.3%
Peerless Pub Ale English Pub Ale 18 4.7%
Smoked Porter Smoked Porter 36 6.1%
Twisted Mill Stout Coffee Stout 26 6.0%
Viking Cream Ale Cream Ale 16 5.0%
Weizen Star Weissbier 10 5.1%

What's Happening

Wed, May 31
4:00PM - 10:00PM

Location: Taproom

We're turning off the jukebox and pulling out the turntable for this event. Want to play and trade some of your old vinyl? We're encouraging the LP community to come down and meet each other, trade, and just enjoy classic artists on a vintage format.



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