Star City Brewing Company, Miamisburg OH

On Tap

  Style IBU ABV
Alaskan Sunrise IPA 70 6.5%
Blue Talon Hard Seltzer 0 4.5%
Building 26 Ale Biere De Garde 30 7.2%
CRBF Stout Stout 23 6.7%
Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di American Pale Ale with Blueberries 26 5.1%
Fahey's Irish Stout Irish Stout 30 4.7%
Gebhart Tavern Ale Neo London Porter 25 5.6%
Hard Cider - Apple Pie Hard Cider 0 6.5%
I'm Feeling Peachy Peach Habanero Cider 0 6.5%
Legend Red Irish Red Ale 23 5.5%
Locked & Loaded Imperial IPA 100+ 9.7%
Mound's RTG Stout Imperial Milk Stout 43 8.2%
Oaty Mc Oatface Oat Cream IPA 8 5.3%
Old Mill Stout Oatmeal Stout 28 5.1%
Twisted Mill Stout Coffee Stout 26 5.1%



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Local Love

Twisted River Coffee Roaster

Proudly selling, drinking and brewing with Twisted River Coffee.

'Owler Buy Back Program

If you bring us a clean Star City Brewing growler or howler in good condition we will give you brewery credit.

Accepting Growlers: Yes
Accepting Howlers: Yes

  • Growler with cap $3.50 brewery credit
  • Growler without cap $3.00 brewery credit
  • Howler with cap $2.00 brewery credit
  • Howler without cap $1.50 brewery credit

Fill / Exchange Policy:

  • We are allowing for growler/howler fills, however there is a 10 minute sanitation wait time
  • To save on wait time, we will allow for a growler/howler exchange
    • Growlers/Howlers from Star City Brewing must clean, black caps, glass and labels in good condition
    • Growlers from other breweries must be amber, clean, glass and caps in good condition